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How often do we ask young children what they would like to become when they grow up? Yet, more and more often, we actually ask ourselves as well. Gone are the days when Mr. Smith, the recent high school graduate, will accept an entry-level position with a large firm, only to retire from the company some 40 years later. These days Mr. Smith will change careers a number of times prior to retirement.

Career paths number in the millions and Career Reports seeks to set a beacon for those who are either embarking on their first career venture, are seasoned career hounds, or perhaps have gotten lost in a maze of interwoven career fields. Career research is a great way to figure out what you want to do before sending out your resume. Seeking to match career choices with career seekers’ strengths, Career Reports has gone to great lengths to ensure that the matches are successful and long-lasting.

Career Reports deals with five major career markets: financial careers, creative careers, technical careers, life stage careers, and facilitating careers.

Financial careers include the fields of accounting, finance, financial planning, financial servicing, insurance, life insurance, marketing, real estate, and investing. Career Reports reveals the many opportunities that exist within this fast-growing field, and career seekers will glean valuable knowledge about the intricacies this field offers. Similarly, interested parties will learn early on what kind of personality is most likely to succeed in these fields, and will be able to use this information prior to investing in their own education or training.

Creative careers may include the fields of art, cosmetology, music, photography, fashion, and also culinary arts. Skillfully guiding the budding artist along a path that sadly includes rejection and many opportunities for wrong turns, Career Reports seeks to set up the artist for business success, not failure.

Technical careers are multi-faceted and include the fields of automotive skills, aviation, agriculture, construction, law, pharmaceutical skills, science, animal related fields, computer skills, healthcare, law enforcement, retail sales, travel, and also education. Seeking to broaden the horizons of its visitors, Career Reports gently nudges the career seeker to think within a given field but outside the box. For example, those contemplating a career in health are no longer limited by the stereotypical thinking of doctor, nurse, aide, but instead are inspired to think along the lines of music therapist or travel nurse.

Life stage careers focus on such rarely thought of career fields as working after retirement, golf careers, Las Vegas opportunities, outdoor work, and work at home situations. The latter in particular is a field fraught with potentially dishonest firms, and Career Reports succinctly challenges career seekers in this field to exercise caution and think of a large variety of work from home opportunities.

Finally, facilitating careers, such as event planning and hospitality, again require a certain type of personality profile in a successful applicant, and Career Reports works hard to once again match interested career seekers with a field of their dreams.

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